Our Story

Where Every Bite is
a Journey to the Middle East

Our story is not just about a love of baking, it is about a passion that grew from humble beginnings. It all started with our main Baker; Najla Al Saghir, who was serving up Maarouk from her home oven for friends and family. Her passion for baking was evident in every bite, and soon word of her delicious treats began to spread.

As more and more people clamored for her Maarouk, Najla realized that she could do much more, yet she was needed an expert she can rely on in managing the business, and there was no one better than Bassel Kardan. A close relative, and a close friend who had accumulated over 25 years of experience and knowledge in running restaurants and food chains From Syria to Dubai then Kuwait and finally Canada, Bassel’s reputation in this field grew with every success and achievement he did in the different companies he worked in. With Bassel’s know-how, and Najla’s passion and home success, The Bakers was born… and Najla and Bassel became “The Bakers” 

From the beginning of our journey, we remain true to the Syrian roots. We continue to bake our doughs with the same love and care that our baker Najla put into her homemade Maarouk. Each dough is baked using only the finest ingredients and traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations.

Our commitment to quality and authenticity has earned us a loyal customer base in Mississauga and beyond. Our customers know that when they come to The Bakers, they can expect nothing but the best. They know that our Maarouk and Manakish will take them back in time to the bustling streets of Beirut or the old markets of Damascus.

Our story has just begun, and by the grace of God, and the love of our customers, we will save no efforts to ensure that our journey continues…

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